Don’t Make These Home Security Mistakes

Don’t Make These Home Security Mistakes

While it is never the victim’s fault if their home is broken into, there are some simple things homeowners can do — and not do — that will help keep their home safe.

Many of the most effective things that you can do to make your home more secure are simple and probably don’t require you to buy anything new or install any new products. Installing quality Australian-made security doors In Melbourne can vastly improve your security, but in the meantime here are some mistakes to avoid.

DON’T leave a key out

Time to face facts: If you are still leaving a spare key under the mat, pot plant, or pet rock, you may as well be leaving your house wide open. If you regularly need to leave a key for someone, consider a key safe with a code. They are inexpensive and available from hardware stores.

If you are regularly locking yourself out or losing your keys (hey, it happens to even the most organized), try leaving a spare with a trusted neighbor. Make sure they do not put your address on the key because if their home is broken into, the intruders will have two homes to burgle instead of one.

If it’s an emergency and you must hide a key outside, avoid hiding it in or under an isolated item. For example, a key-hiding rock should be hidden among several other rocks that all look the same. Anything that sticks out looks like an obvious key-hiding place.

DO lock your doors

It sounds simple but the best lock in the world is not much good if it’s not actually locked when burglars come calling. Create good habits by checking all locks if you are the last one to leave, then lock the front door and security door from the outside with the key.

A common habit is to leave the security door unlocked. While the mere sight of a security door is a deterrent, it doesn’t take long to discover whether it is locked. If you are home, leaving the security door unlocked will only protect you from insects. If an intruder plans to gain entry by ringing the doorbell, an unlocked security door is a layer of protection wasted. That small flick of the lock could save yourself a lot of trauma, and possibly your life.

DON’T leave ladders or tools about

Whether you are home or away, leaving valuable tools or garden equipment in an accessible spot is a big but sadly too common security mistake. Not only are these items valuable in themselves, but they can be used to break into the house. Heavy-duty tools can be used to break doors and windows, while ladders help criminals to reach unlocked or unscreened windows.

Ladders can pose a storage problem because of their sheer size. Some people store their ladders on the roof of their house where they are likely to be out of sight from the ground. A good alternative is a ladder lock. They are inexpensive, easy to install, and have the added benefit of making the ladder safe for adventurous children. If you are having work done on your house, and trade professionals will be leaving their equipment on-site, ask the tradies how these items will be secured.

Do try to see things as a criminal would

It’s not just valuable tools you need to lock away. Also, think about all the valuables inside your house and how easy they are to see from the street. Small electronics such as SLR cameras, tablets, and laptops are popular. You might be surprised to learn what else can be seen. Is the on/off light of the security alarm visible at night?

Another thing thieves are looking for are places to hide. Does your night lighting or sensor lights create pockets of shadow? Or is there any shrubbery that provides privacy for you but also great cover for unwanted visitors tampering with a ground-floor window? (sharp tip: consider planting thorny shrubs in these spots).

It’s a good idea to look at your house from the street during the day and at night with lights on and off, to see what can be seen and assess what needs to change. I recommend must take Property conveyancing Brisbane expert advice