What Questions Should I Ask When Selecting a Security Door Company

What Questions Should I Ask When Selecting a Security Door Company?

Security doors are a great feature to improve your home protection as well as boosting the curb appeal of your property. Nowadays there is a huge range of different designs available to suit every home aesthetic and budget requirement. It’s important to always choose a reliable security door provider to enable you to make an informed decision as well as allowing you to feel confident that you a buying a quality product. But, how do you know you’re getting the right expert advice when you’re choosing which security door is best for your home?

 The first step in purchasing a security door is to do your research. It’s worthwhile exploring your options before you visit a showroom so that you have an idea of what your preferences are design-wise and what you think will suit your property. Here are some points to consider:

  • Who will be using this security door? Do you live alone and want to be able to answer your door without someone being able to see into your property? Do you have kids or pets and want a door that will put up with rough usage?
  • Do you want a discreet, minimalist-style door, or a more ornate grille style, or a tried-and-tested, budget-friendly classic style?
  • Would a secure entry enclosure or porch enclosure suit my property more than a security door?
  • Do you live in a high-crime area and need top-of-the-line protection?

It’s crucial to choose a security door provider that is trustworthy, experienced and reliable, as well as a business that can offer you a great range of designs. Here are some questions to guide your choice to ensure that you find the right product and installer:

#1 Are your security doors Australian made?

It’s great practice to support our economy by buying from an Australian business. If you buy Australian made products you are keeping your money in Australia and helping to support local jobs and local businesses.

Another reason to choose an Australian-made security door is that they are designed for our climate and living conditions. The Australian climate can be harsh and many Australians live close to the sea which means their homes and property are often exposed to the corrosive effect of salty air. Australian-made security doors are designed to suit our environment and withstand corrosive elements.

Australia has strict labor and business laws and high-quality control standards. This means that when you buy Australian-made products you can feel confident that you are buying well-crafted, top quality goods from a business that pays their workers fairly.

#2 Are your security doors compliant with Australian Standards guidelines?

Australian Standards are government regulations that specify minimum performance levels for products and services in Australia. When it comes to security doors, if a door doesn’t meet the requirements laid out by the Australian Standards guidelines, it can’t legally be sold as a security door in Australia. If you purchase a security door that has met or exceeded Australian Standards regulations it has passed a series of comprehensive tests to ensure its physical strength and durability. The tests conducted on security doors include:


  • The Knife Sheer Test

This test is designed to simulate an intruder using a knife or cutting pier to slash through the screen of the door to gain entry to the property.

  • The Impact Test

This test is designed to simulate an intruder using body force against the door or kicking it to force the door open.

  • The Anti-jemmy Test

This test is designed to simulate an intruder attempting to lever the screen of the door open using a tool such as a screwdriver to ply the screen open.

  • The Pull Test

This test is designed to simulate an intruder pulling the security screen out of the door.

  • The Probe Test

This test is designed to simulate an intruder forcing a hole in the security screen to enable access to reach in and unlock the door.

  • The Salt Spray Test

This test is designed to simulate how the security door will perform long-term under corrosive conditions.

#3 Are you insured?

It’s important to ensure that anyone coming into your home to make repairs or installations is covered with public liability insurance. This insurance can provide financial support in the event that they or someone else is injured or cause damage while they are working at your property.

#4 Do your employees have police checks?

If you’re hiring someone to come into your home to install a security door, it’s worth checking whether they are required by their company to provide regular police checks. These background checks ascertain whether someone has a criminal record, and would therefore not necessarily be the sort of person you would want to install your security door.

#5 What warranties are offered with your security doors?

High quality security doors are covered by warranties covering the product for extended periods ranging from five years up to 10 years. A warranty is a guarantee that provides assurance to the customer that they have purchased a top-quality product with no defects. Many warranties require the door to be professionally installed, so don’t forget to check if there are any requirements. Always ask what exactly is covered and how long it is covered for.

#6 How much experience do you have?

Expertise is crucial for many reasons. Ideally your security door provider will know their products inside and out and be able to advise you of which security door will best suit your home and needs. Your security door provider should also be aware of how the product lasts and wears over time as well as how to maintain it. The business should also be able to assist you if you’re interested in any customization such as matching paint color with the facade of your home or installing one-way/privacy mesh screens to improve your level of home security.

Expertise is also important when it comes to installing your security door. Some installation jobs are trickier than others and require more complicated workmanship and expertise, so it’s worth ascertaining how experienced a business is before you engage them. It’s also worth noting that a business that has been running for a longer time is more likely to still be in business in five to 10 years and be able to honor a warranty if necessary.

#7 Can you provide me with comprehensive start-to-end service, from sales to installation?

Always check whether your security door provider is also able to assist you with arrange profession installation of the doors. Ideally, it’s helpful to be able to ensure that the person who visits your property to take measurements for manufacturing the door is also the same person who returns to hang the door once it is completed. This continuity of workmanship helps to avoid miscommunications and misunderstandings and avoids unnecessary double handling.

#8 Can you provide me with a detailed quote?

As a customer it’s important to know what you’re paying for. Always ask for a detailed quote that breaks down the different costs, from the cost of the door, any customization that you want to make to the product, to the installation of the door. Check whether there will be any additional costs if it’s not a straightforward installation and it requires extra labor.

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Most Influential Materials Used in Making the Best Flyscreen-Sizes & Material 

Most Influential Materials Used in Making the Best Flyscreen-Sizes & Material 

Flyscreen Security Doors Melbourne Southern SuburbsThe most influential materials used in making the best flyscreen material include vinyl, composite, polycarbonate, and acrylic. Each fabric is designed for a specific application and will generally come with instructions on installing them. Most of these are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at many retail outlets. Before buying the best flyscreen material, you should be sure to find out which products work best for your needs. Many retailers have online catalogs that can show you the various types of protection available and the different types’ prices. One of the companies which I know is in Security Doors Melbourne Eastern Suburbs. They provide quality material for security doors.


Choosing the Best Flyscreen Material

There are many considerations when choosing the best flyscreen material is. The material you choose must meet your needs, and it should be one you can afford. You will also want to make sure the material is eco-friendly to reduce your impact on the environment.

Size of Flyscreen Material

When looking for what is the best flyscreen material, the size is of great importance. You want to make sure that the door will remain useful and usable. If the door does not fit snug, you run the material cracking risk under stress, which will allow air to flow under the door. The same thing happens with an oversized flap. If it cannot be trimmed down sufficiently, it can fail at an early stage and may need replacement sooner.

Cost of Flyscreen Material

The cost of what is the best flyscreen material can vary greatly. While some materials are more expensive than others, they all serve the same purpose. That purpose is to protect the elements, prevent moisture from entering through cracks in the flaps, and keep out unwanted insects and flies. Some cost more than others, but this is a decision you will need to make based upon your budget and what kind of functionality you want from your flaps. For example, synthetic flaps tend to be sturdier than natural materials and are often coated in a protective lacquer that will prevent rusting and enhance their overall durability.