5 Cheap Kids Eyeglasses that come with a 2-year Warranty-Which warranty is good for cheap kids’ glasses?


Warranty is a big issue and very few eyeglass manufacturers have shown credible performance to the customers while allowing warranty. Nonetheless, eyeglasses may definitely break or develop snag or physical damages. A viable warranty is enough to please the eyeglass customers yet it remains one of the top issues among customers, especially the ones buying eyeglasses for kids.

5 Cheap Kids Eyeglasses that come with a 2-year Warranty

If you are buying glasses for your kids, then you must be wary about the collateral charges that may erupt following any damages. Hence, a warranty is a kind of fulfillment by the glasses manufacturers that can ease your pain in such issues.

Warranty is not quite feasible as most customers complain of physical or accidental damages to their glasses. In that case, you may not get a full refund or replacement. However, with other kinds of damages warranty may come in handy for you.

What exactly is an eyeglass warranty?

Most manufacturers are wise enough to figure out the damages to your eyeglasses. However, as told before, theWhich warranty is good for cheap kids’ glasses? warranty doesn’t cover everything. You may damage your glass by sitting on it or break it in an accident or high-speed fall during accidents. As a warranty is not treated as insurance, it remains futile to ask for the same if you damage/break your glasses either in an accident or incident.

Warranty will only cover manufacturing faults or defective design or fittings. If you visit any optician or optometrist, they may give you 6 months-12 months warranty on the manufacturer’s defects. On the other hand, Vision Direct, a leading global online eyewear company, has repeatedly and consistently offered a long warranty for your eyeglasses. The retailer offers a 2-year warranty on eyeglasses, including the kids’ glasses. It also offers express shipping and AfterPay instalment service with a 100-days return policy.

Which warranty is good for cheap kids’           glasses?

Generally, there are two types of warranty on manufacturing defects and related snags. One is a one-time warranty (that may carry 6 months to 36 months warranty period) and the other is a lifetime warranty.

However, you must know that fashion is an evolving thing just like your child. Both will change with time. Your kids will grow and so does fashion, style, and design.

A lifetime warranty often depends on the company’s financial details. Evolving fashion and customers are least bothered by manufacturers. They have little to negligible impact on the company’s financial forecasts. However, it’s the sales that conclude the company’s financial achievements. A lifetime warranty remains a bait for the companies to lure customers that will raise their sales.

However, it is certain that you have to pay extra for a lifetime warranty, and with changing fashion and age, it will be pointless to approach a lifetime warranty for kids’ glasses.

5 trending cheap eyeglasses for kids in 2021

Sl. No. Kids Glasses Description
1 SmartBuy Kids Phakie K5 With a purple finishing, the SmartBuy Phakie collection is a delightful choice for young playful kids. It has elegant full-rimmed square frames that are made up of durable acetate material.
2 Ray-Ban Junior RY1554 3615 The Junior collection from RayBan highlights distinctive rubber black frames made up of robust plastic composition. The full-rimmed oval shape makes it highly tempting and graceful to suit any kid.
3 Lacoste L3804B Kids 004 Lacoste never stops impressing its customers. This eyewear marvel for kids is available in 3 colours (Blue, Brown, and White) and it is laced with full-rimmed acetate frames in a rectangular shape.
4 SmartBuy Kids Schoenberg 022 JSK-337 At just $59, get amazed by the superior-quality SmartBuy Schoenberg collection with free shipping and a 2-year warranty. They feature hypoallergenic and lightweight acetate black frames to provide a pleasing vision to your kids.
5 Tommy Hilfiger TH 1500 Kids MVU This glass is a top-notch designer glass with affordable price and is made up of scratch-resistant and chemical-resistant frames, which provide enough protection with lightweight advantages.